Paper Boat Aamras is 45% mango pulp. And how good is mango for you?
Commencing in 3… 2… 1 (or faster if you choose to not read this introduction) the awesomeness of mangoes!

Owner of a Healthy Heart

You may (heart symbol) mangoes. But do you know that mangoes (heart symbol) you back? They help in preventing a host of heart ailments. And how? You see, mangoes contain these magical constituents fancily stage-named Beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Potassium and Selenium. They are great for your heart and help repair cardiac tissues and platelets.

Immunity Center

Much like how supermodels develop eating disorders, mangoes develop your immune system. All credit here goes to Vitamin C which stimulates your White Blood Corpuscles to be better at their work of destroying harmful
bacteria and icky germs. Not only is VC a great supervisor, it also destroys free radicals (awful by-products of
TL;DR Vitamin C is awesome at stuff.

Under Pressure

Mango regulates blood pressure with the help *drumroll* Potassium (quite a versatile fellow). Potassium is an important component of our cells (proposed PSA: It cares about us because it’s a part of us). It also maintains fluid mechanism in the body. Like a boss.

Die, Betes

 Mango despises diabetes – It prevents it by maintaining our blood sugar, fat and insulin levels.

The Vision That Was Planted

Ace Vitamins like Vitamins A, C and E and Flavonoids like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin (quite a mouthful there) help improve your eyesight and prevent eye diseases.

Cancer, be gone

Mangoes contain *cue freestyle rap beats* polyphenolic anti-oxidant compounds as well as quercetin,
isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat *phew*. These good fellas are known to help reduce risks of cancer. Mango also has a high concentration of pectin, a soluble dietary fiber. Scientists have identified a strong link between eating plenty of fiber and lowering risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Shine On

In Castle Mango, lives a certain Monsieur Vitamin A. He keeps your skin healthy, soft and shining. He is also known to cure acne. He has a nasty gossiping habit, though.

Readers Digest

So mango has these digestive enzymes like magneferin, katechol oxidase and lactase. They help in breaking down proteins. The fibre in mango (yup, pectin again) eases acidity, constipation and acts like a cleanser for our inner bits.  All this, while strengthening the liver on the sly. Thus proving that with proper teamwork, anything is
possible. Especially digestion.

Singing in the Brain

Mango is good for your brain! It’s a rich source of Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine, if you’re pretentious) which is required to produce of certain brain hormones. It also keeps homocystiene levels in the blood in check. Imbalanced
homocystiene levels lead to cerebrovascular incidents like stroke. Also a part of mango, a vigor called Glutamine.
Glutamine boasts of boosting memory and keeping brain cells healthy. So go on ahead, petition against mango’s continued Nobel Prize snub.

Red Blood Redemption

Mango helps in the formation of red blood cells and essential enzymes in the body. It’s simple really. Copper is a component of mango and copper is also component of several vital enzymes like cytochrome c-oxidase and
superoxide dismutase. It all basically boils down to who you know really. And copper knows a lot of folks.

I am Iron Man

Copper isn’t the only essential metal in town. Mangoes are rich in iron content which not only helps in alleviating anemia but also helps in making one’s personality substantially more magnetic.

Relax. Take it Easy

Mangoes help you chill. Like, for realsies. In Castle Mango, there live certain vitamins in complex B. They are the legion of the innovatively named Vitamin B-Complex. They prevent irritability, depression and calm the nervous system when the evil supervillain Dr. Stress decides to hold your body hostage. First they take out Dr. Stress’s
sinister henchmen: Miss Fatigue and Mister Weakness (They are not as educated as Dr. Stress). This group of ragtag vitamins valiantly rescue your mood from Dr. Stress’s secret lair and make it better. You may now proceed to sing “Hey Mood” to the tune of “Hey Jude”.

Pregnant Applause.

Hear all ye pregnant women of the world! Pre-eclampsia is a condition that plagues only pregnant women. It leads surges in blood pressure. One of the reasons being oxidative stress on blood vessels. As you may already know, mango has Vitamin C. Vitamin C, among other things, is a powerful antioxidant. So yes – Mango does indeed preemptively prevent the predicament of pre-eclampsia. Now say it three times in a row.