There is home. There is work. Some people work from home. At Paper Boat, we are home at work. So much so, we don’t have employees. We have relatives. The finance uncles, the HR aunties and of course, the sales cousins. And this is not some euphemism, some cliché or mandate we made up to justify our existence. This is exactly what it feels like here. Still not clear how? Okay. Other companies have executives who talk exclusively in jargon, bosses who grimace consistently while using fancier toilets and redundant activities masquerading as team building exercises.

We, have impromptu cricket matches in the nearby park outside because “the weather seems nice.”

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. ‘They’ have evidently never been to our office. There is always free lunch. And you get choose what your heart desires the most (from the menu which we source from a nearby dhaba).

So yes, back to our office home (not to be confused with a home office) does everything short of tucking us in bed and telling ghost stories before we sleep. It also helps that the Paper Boat head office is literally a bungalow complete with a lawn and a terrace.

Behind every successful drink, is a memory.
Paper Boat maybe new on paper but it’s run by industry veterans. Our directors dads come from varied backgrounds. The founding fathers being Neeraj Kakkar, James Nutall, Suhas Misra and Neeraj Biyani (we are slightly Neeraj inclined). Neeraj K has a background as a stalwart in the soft drink industry. James is the force behind our packaging prowess. Both Neeraj and James went to the Wharton School of Business, Pennsylvania - Where they bonded over drinks and Neeraj convinced James to shift base to India. It must’ve been a hell of a drink.

Suhas has a degree in marketing from IIM Calcutta which he put to good use with stints in the soft drink and cellphone industry leading to a marketing strategies startup and ultimately here. Neeraj B, an SRCC and MDI alum, also brings his beverage background into play as our operations quadrant. Together, they are the Mount Rushmore of Hector. The A-Team. The Fantastic Four.