What is innocence?

Is it your sense of wonder? Or is it just plain naiveté?

Maybe it’s just confusion. As long as you have the ability to be confused or even slightly rattled, it should qualify as innocence, right? Because as a child, even the smallest event shook you up. Changed the course of your day. Even the smallest wisp of curiosity or emotion avalanched into something grand and all-encompassing.

Maybe innocence is that very flip-flop of your core beliefs.

"I found puppies behind the building and gave them bread. Someone STOLE my red button. I love my tonsils NOOOOO! Ice cream, you say? Fountain pens are amazing! But I don’t want to wear a monkey cap! 4 in one cartridge! G.I.JOEs aren’t dolls okay! A drawer is someone who draws, right? I got ink on my shirt pocket. I don’t eat scabs who told you? You got pao bhaji for tiffin?! I never returned that library book. HE PUT HIS FINGER IN HIS NOSE!!!”

But now we know better, right? I mean, we have clearly demarcated lines for rights and wrongs.
We’re adults. We understand things better.

But do we need to?

Look around you. Look past the statistics. Look past the 9 o’ clock news. Things aren’t worse. They aren’t even bad. The life you live right now was in all probability a dream you had as a ten year old. Your phone has better looking games than the hazy cartoons that mesmerized you after school? Remember when you saw that red-green
caterpillar and no one believed you? Well guess what, everything has a camera now. You’re literally everything you ever wanted to be. You wanted to be a full grown adult who can make his or her own decisions. You wanted to be taller, smarter, better dressed. And you are. Mostly.

So why aren’t you more excited?

Childhood isn’t over when you experience all the things you ever thought you’d experience. It is over when you stop wanting to experience new things.

Look around you.

Life is still beautiful.

You just need to think like you have a thousand times before.