A native to Maharashtra’s vast coastline, Kokum is an essential component of the Konkan food culture. But it’s most definitely a more essential component of Paper Boat Kokum. Paper Boat Kokum contains 20% Kokum juice. So what is this exotic berry good for? Just you wait, you.

Radical Leave.

Kokum is full of antioxidant goodness that binds with free radicals and prevents oxidative damage to our body cells. Clearly Zen Masters of multitasking, antioxidants also promote cell regeneration and repair.

Cool Runnings.

A natural coolant, Kokum also shields the body against dehydration and sunstroke. The great Indian summer’s great Indian match!

Gastric or Treat?

Traditionally, Kokum has been used to relieve gastric problems like acidity, flatulence, constipation and most forms of indigestion. And in case you haven’t noticed yet, we are all about bringing lost traditions to modern life.

Up the Anti

Kokum has anti-viral AND anti-bacterial properties. It even gives symptomatic relief during fevers. Ayurvedic medicine routinely uses Kokum to treat internal and external infections. Oh and did we mention that it ALSO improves immunity? Garcinol, a constituent in Kokum (and possible Lord of the Rings character), has antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-ulcer properties. If you thought Garcinol is good for you, wait till you hear about Xanthone, another component of Kokum. Xanthone has *takes deep breath* anti-fatigue, anti-obesity, prevention of Parkinson’s disease, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, anti-depression, anti-anxiety, anti-arthritis, anti-fever, anti-allergic, prevention of gum-disease, anti-vertigo (dizziness, for those who are not fans of U2), anti-glaucoma, anti-ulcer (yep, again), and anti-inflammatory properties. *runs out of breath, but Kokum resuscitates instantly*

Just Lose It

This is getting interesting. So turns out, our friend the Kokum has anti-lipogenetic properties. Fancy word but what does it mean, o passive aggressive ethereal voice of this website you may ask? It means Kokum helps you lose that excess flab. How? With the help of hydroxycitric acid (HCA, if you’re into slang). HCA, who other than sounding like a multi-platinum rapper, also does not let fatty acids form in the body. (So it’s more 2pac than Biggie) No fatty acids. No fat. It’s that simple. Oh, and it’s not a big fan of cholesterol either. So you watch your step, cholesterol.

Hunger Management.

Other than what you read above, Kokum (surprisingly) is also known for being an appetite stimulant. Kokum is a wonderful paradox masquerading as a fruit.

Cardio De Janeiro

Kokum is good for your liver AND your heart. Drinking all night after a break-up? Then Kokum’s perfect for you.

And before we leave, a fun fact:

Did you know that the National Medicinal Plant Board has identified Kokum as one of the 32 species of plants for prioritization and development? If you didn’t, then you know now. If you did, then now the fact is imprinted in your brain through redundant repetition.