Jamun, other than being the ‘Jamun’ part of ‘Jamun Kala Khatta’, is also the ‘Kala’ and ‘Khatta’ part of ‘Jamun Kala Khatta’. Jamun Kala Khatta contains 10% Jamun Juice. But don’t let its good looks fool you, it is integral to Ayurvedic medicine and you’ll see why.

Merry Maladies

The good stuff upfront: Jamun prevents a host of diseases from ravaging your systems. This includes diabetes, anemia and diarrhoea. It also prevents all forms of nausea including motion sickness. Perfect for those mandatory but uncomfortable long trips.

Voice will be Voice

Budding singer? Office gossip? Can’t stop talking about yourself? Navjot Singh Sidhu? If you said “Yes” or “Oh ho ho” to any of those then Jamun is your literal fruit of virtue. Jamun clears your throat up and makes your voice less hoarse. So in a way, yes, Jamun helps your jammin’.

Seeing is Believing

Jamun has copious amounts of Vitamin C that help your eyesight and prevent all sorts of eye ailments like glaucoma and cataracts. Unsubstantiated rumours say it even helps those afflicted by the visuals of the latest Nicki Minaj music video.

Inflammatory Remarks

The ascorbic acid in Jamun is one of the greatest anti-oxidants that ever walked this Earth (assuming that anti-oxidants can walk). You see, oxygen is not always a nice guy. It has a darker side, a more chemical side that likes to burn things up. That includes your cells, cartilages, muscles, bones… pretty much everything you’re made of. Anti-oxidants prevent such nefarious inflammation and provide relief.

Money Where the Mouth is

Not only is Jamun great for your voice, it has a general affinity for the entire mouth region. It’s known to prevent instances of Pyorrhea (gum inflammation that leads to tooth loss) and provides relief when you feel like your mouth is burning.

Folic Frolic

As it happens, Jamun is one of the few sources of naturally occurring folic acids. It doesn’t sound it amounts to much till you realise that folic acids are a key component of your DNA. School taught us that DNA stands for Dioxyribose Nucleic ACID. Folic acid is also an acid (duh) and helps you rebuild damaged tissues and cells. Jamun is health insurance in a fruit.