Before the Stick Cricket smartphone app, before fantasy cricket leagues, heck, even before Brian Lara Cricket, there was a virtual cricket simulation that took our fancies by storm. That made us forget that unit tests were right around the corner. That made even the drabbest English 2 class rattle with fever pitch excitement. Held in the famous stadium ‘IV D’, this was cricket by the book. Literally. There was no margin for error, no third umpires and no room for match fixing (unless you intentionally dog eared pages 56, 106 and 246 hoping your opponent won’t catch on to your blatant deception). Cover drives were replaced by brown covers, commentaries were replaced by past participles and ducks, by “Duck! The teacher’s coming!” Scores were tallied and victors were declared. The best part? You were having fun with math and you didn’t even know it.