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Make a paper boat and relive adventure, mischief, discovery and daydreams -- because now, for every boat, we're giving Rs. 20 towards children's education.


Raising your hand because you know the answer. Cheering for your house. Sharpening a pencil. Becoming class monitor. Eating dabba in the first bench. Making friends in the last.

Thank you for bringing a child closer to these!

Bring your friends in!

Want to go again?


Bet it's been a while since you last
made a paper boat. Watch and relearn!


We've teamed up with Parivaar, a West Bengal-based humanitarian service organization that works for the holistic development of children who haven't had a fair start. Be it orphans, girl-children vulnerable to exploitation, or impoverished children from tribal areas; Parivaar works to give children the chance to be children.

Their residential institution in West Bengal, the Parivaar Ashram, now houses 805 children. Learn more about them, here:


There's so much hope afloat! Come, #FloatABoat!

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